The perfect blend of carefully chosen spices and seasonings. Crafted with the intention of helping butchers achieve a higher quality Chorizo, that has become a staple ingredient in butcher shops from California to Florida. The natural recipe transforms ground pork meat into a full flavor Mexican chorizo.  The Chorizo AdoboPackage in 50 pound pails, sealed to preserve freshness and flavor, this Adobo will help you produce a truly homemade chorizo every time.



5 gallon pails


  • Cuts down labor, time and cost.
  • Natural spices and seasoning, with no artificial preservatives.
  • Rich constant flavor every time.
  • 5 gallon plastic pail, maintains clean organized facilities.




  • For Every pound of Chorizo Adobo, Mix 7-9 pounds of pork meat.(50 pound pail, makes 350-450 pounds of Chorizo)
  • Mix it to Chicken, Soy, or meat substitute to make a healthy chorizo alternative.
  • Let the Adobo infuse the mat for 10-15 minutes, then package in natural casings.chile-guajillos-held-up-to-the-light_low-res-315x473



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